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DIFL is a large and inclusive football league which has been giving young boys and girls the chance to learn and play soccer since 1983.  DIFL was started with the intention of letting kids have a formal platform to play a football league, when there was none of such sort in the city.

This is a not for profit set up where no salaries are drawn by any office bearers. Volunteer parents run the tournament and each year it has become more popular and successful.  We encourage parents to come forward and take active part in Managing and coaching their kid’s teams and have fun filled weekends during the season.

Every year DIFL brings together close to 40 or more teams and over 500 plus children to play football.   DIFL’s players range from 5 to 17 years old boys AND girls, including absolute beginners through to budding national champions. The children are from Delhi and are from the all major public schools. 

The League Matches are on the weekends (Saturdays or Sundays) and Coaching sessions by Parent /Professional Coaches are on the weekdays.

DIFL provides for a unique experience for both the Player and the Parents and fosters a lifelong love for Football nurtured in a safe and encouraging environment.

The teams are made from a mix from all schools thus allows kids to meet children from different schools, encourages good sportsmanship and teaches values on winning as well as loosing with grace to young minds. DIFL sees many repeat players joining year after years as they grow to enjoy the league and its multifaceted nature.

You can reach us at : difl@difl.org or Contact us.