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Team Guidelines

Registering as a Team Guidelines

  • Team Registration is valid for minimum of 10 players and Max 15 players coming together as team.
  • If team strength is lower than 10, all registrations will be treated as individual registrations and teams will be allocated as per the DIFL team allocation rules.
  • Team Registration is open only for Div 4 (Age 11,12), Div 5 (13,14) & Div 6 (15,16). See DIFL Age List
  • All players of the team need to adhere to the age criteria for that division.
  • The team needs to have atleast 1 adult as a team Manager, who would be present at all the team matches and will be the interface between DIFL and the team.
  • Team needs to arrange for their own coach for the practice and match days. If a team does not have a coach, DIFL can provide a coach for the season at an additional cost.
  • Registration charges for registering as a team are Rs. 8000.00 per player.
  • The Teams can have their own Team Name and Team Logo by sponsoring the team at an additional cost of Rs.40,000 per team .
  • DIFL will provide the teams with Team Kit comprising of a Jersey, Shorts and Socks.
  • DIFL will provide pitches and Refree’s for all matches and Pitch locations for team practices as per DIFL’s match and practice schedule.
  • The teams need to be present 15mins before every match at the specified pitch, in the DIFL team kits. No other kits will be allowed.

Team Registration process

  • The Team Representative, who forms the team, creates a Team ID (their mobile number) for their team. This Team ID is notified to DIFL at
  • Players who register as a team will mention the Team ID of their team during registration and make payment for the season.
  • All Players registering as a team should fall in the same Division as per the DIFL age cut off – See DIFL Age List
  • After all players have registered, the team representative will send the Names and Regn Code of all the team members to DIFL in form provided by DIFL after intimation of Team ID. (Pt 1 above)
  • Once we have received the team members’ name and Regn Code, we will confirm the allocation of those players to a specific team.

Note : The team ID is a mobile number only to identify the group players to a team.

Team Registration Process for Schools and Academies

  • Teams can have a maximum of 15 players.
  • All players of the team need to adhere to the age criteria for that division and the School/Academy will provide DIFL the proof of date of birth for all players.
  • School / Academy will send DIFL the list of their players , with the details of each player as required by DIFL in the specified format.
  • Payment for entire team will be made by the School / Academy by Cheque drawn in favor of DELHI INTERNATIONAL FOOTBALL LEAGUE.
  • The School/Academy is responsible for a players kit .
  • School / Academy will provide team a manager and coach.
  • The teams need to be present 15mins before every match at the specified pitch.
  • Players must be present in their team kits.