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Absenteeism in DIFL Due to Injury

DIFL Philosophy:

  • Football is a contact sport and injuries do happen. We provide on-site medical support to ensure immediate attention to all injuries.
  • Our primary goals are two-fold:
    • PLAYER: Ensure the injured player can return to play as soon as he/she is given the all clear (by doctor and parents)
    • TEAM: Ensure the sound functioning of the team while the injured player is on leave
  • DIFL as a policy does not refund registration fees due to injury.

General Guidelines

In case of any injuries that will disable a player for any length of time--even for a single match or practice--please do contact your manager as soon as possible so the team can plan accordingly.

Every injury case is unique and the Division Coordinator will work with you to make the best decisions in support of the DIFL philosophy. However, the below outlines the general rules of thumb used for managing injury cases.

  • Short-term leave. If a player is expected to miss fewer than 4 matches, then it is not mandatory that a replacement player be provided. The Division Coordinator, Manager, and Coach(es) will discuss the best course of action.
  • Longer-term leave. If it is a longer break, the DIFL Division Coordinator will work with the team Coach(es) to provide the team with a replacement player if appropriate. Please stay in touch with your team manager and Division Coordinator to let them know your child’s progress. When the injured player is free to rejoin, the Division Coordinator will work with you to get back on track.
  • Parent volunteers of injured players. If a parent has signed up to be a manager or coach for the season and his/her child has been injured, we would encourage the parent to continue in the volunteer role. If not possible, please work with your Division Coordinator to make arrangements for a replacement volunteer.