This is how we form teams in DIFL

Teams are formed in a just and a fair manner with a view to balance the skills across all teams in the Division.

The Division Coordinators are responsible for Team Formation.
As a general guideline, the following criteria is always considered during Team Formation:

Sponsor’s child:

Each team usually has the sponsor’s child;  However, some sponsors don't have playing kids or they are sponsoring a division that differs from the one their child plays in.


Each team will have at least one Coach. In Divisions where the number of parents volunteering as Coaches is 24 or more, the teams may have 2 coaches -- a Head Coach and a Coach.  This enables the coaches to work together to cover the responsibilities and to help ensure there is always a coach present for practices and matches, when one coach may be traveling.


Each team will be have at least two players where possible who have experience or are interested in the goalkeeping position.  If there are more than two goalkeepers per team available, then the Division Coordinators will attempt to spread them across the teams.

Girl Players

Depending upon the number of girls registered, a team with girls players will have at least 2 girls.


Each team has at least one parent volunteer as a Manager. In Divisions where there are more than 12 parents volunteering as Managers, some teams might have more than one manager.


Based on the Player Rating (dependent upon various factors such as Skills Assessment, Previous Year’s Coaches’ Feedback, Age, Height and so on) teams are formed such that the skills, height and age in that team are around that particular Division’s average with minimum variance.


Any sibling or twin in a particular division is assigned in the same team, unless DIFL has received a written notification from the parents to do otherwise.


Where possible, each team has a fair representation of all schools.  In some cases, however, there are just a few players in a Division from a particular school.

Once Teams have been formed and finalized, they are considered frozen. The Divison Coordinators send the Team Sheets to the DIFL Commissioner.  These Teams Sheets include the DIFL Committee members’ children as well.


In order to ensure there is no bias during Team Formation, DIFL Committee members' children are allocated into teams through a draw of lots held in the presence of the entire Committee. The Division Coordinators then do a final sanity check to ensure the teams are balanced and there is minimum variance in any team around that Division’s average age, height and skills.

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