On behalf of Joel (OMA) and Daniel (Trojans) Manem, we would like to say a big thank you to you and the DIFL team for the dedication, commitment and tremendous hard work you all put into making each season such an enjoyable experience for all the kids.  When we leave India one day, I know that the kids will always hold these memories in their heart of what made their lives in India just that much richer.
The seamless organisation and flawless results of each season is a great tribute to all the hours of hard work and meticulous planning I know goes into creating this experience.  I am deeply grateful to you all for the selfless dedication you extend to the kids.
My deepest thanks and best wishes,
Carol Christian Manem
A very special thanks to the coach for being a wonderful guide and friend to all the kids and the coordinators for organizing the event so well.
Sanjay Walia
Undoubtedly the most memorable day at DIFL. Coach tussi great ho.
Thanks everyone. 
Amanveer Singh
Thank you all so much for all you have done to make this a fun soccer season!
Jason & Laura Swain
Your commitment is amazing
Atul Chauhan
This is one of the best experiences i have ever had with sports and kids, Proud to be a part of DIFL and kudos to you guys for organising such a wonderful event.... Hurray.....
Gautam Shilpa Jain
Congratulations and sincere thanks on behalf of EQUI KIDS parents and players to the organizers! We had lots of fun but were a little unlucky and lost against ICE. We wish them well for the finals!
Carlo Hey
Just wanted to convey my sincere thanks for organizing yet another wonderful season of DIFL. As always, even seven years later, our kids are still passionate about playing and having "sooo much fun". As parents we too have fun with them and meet wonderful people each time and learn new things. As the only non playing member of our family, I have leaernt to love the game on the field of kathuria public school as I cheer for every goal. Thank you for all the organizing, the effort, the dedication with which you all work to make it happen. You guys deserve a standing ovation.
Jayati Rajgarhia
A HUGE THANK YOU FOR THE PAST THREE YEARS OF GREAT SOCCER FUN WITH DIFL!!!!! I was in tears yesterday, leaving the Kathuria for the last time as we will be relocating to Finland this summer... Emil finally found his way into the world of soccer here in New Delhi, DIFL was his first start... We will be forever grateful for this and for all the work you volunteers put into it... May DIFL flourish and live long - at present there seems to be many opportunities for soccer players here - Emil has also played with Premier League, Barcelona soccer camp and now with DYL but I think they all support each other. Many, many thanks and good wishes to all from Emil & his family.
Riitta Laakso
Dear Mr. Singh (AJ), in the name of THE TROJANS I would like to say thank you as well in written to you and your whole DIFL-Team - for your professional keen work during the last football season. Indeed DIFL ist Delhi's favourite children's football league.
We are thankful to be part of it. Looking forward to the next season where I would like to continue my work as a manager.
Juergen Osterhage
Thank you! ..I had a good time..and what a great team we had!
Thank you so much for all the hard work you and your team have put into another successful season. As each season goes by, it is obvious that progress is being made. In order to continue the success there are several areas which I have discussed with you and look forward to seeing the fruits next season. With Kind Regards,
Thank you for all the effort you put in to making this season enjoyable and successful.
We all enjoyed ourselves. Thanks and cheers,
Fatima :-)
It was wonderful experience for me being part of DIFL and I must acknowledge that DIFL is a very well thought off and very well organized tournament. My appreciation to you and to the management team. Continue this good work for our kids. Look forward to associate with DIFL again in the next season. With warm regards.
Naveen Kalra
Well done!  All of you work so hard to try to 'keep the peace' while also managing your divisions.  It's a ton of work and congratulations are indeed well deserved!
I would like to add my voice to this vote of thanks. Charul, Mayank and Vasu, thanks for a great season and also for the encouragement that you have give Siddharth. His confidence has gone up by leaps and bounds and he now ALWAYS has a football in his hands.
It was indeed a great experience to be a manager of Wizcraft Wizards with wonderful set of kids and parents.  Thanks for the lovely compliments - it is very encouraging. Vasu, you are truly an institution builder and Mayank you were the rock of our team. I look forward to DIFL 2013-14. I totally endorse this view point that once you volunteer, it indeed makes the whole DIFL experience more enjoyable. Cheers!!!
Thank you so much for the great season.Kosuke have really enjoyed playing with his teammates.
It was a good experience for him. I appreciate your support. Best regards,
Junko Kubota
I want to make sure I pass my gratitude to DIFL committee for the shared work in DIFL all these years. I have enjoyed it. My kids have enjoyed it. We are planning to be out of India after 10 years here in May and DIFL will be something we will definitely miss.
It has been my privilege to serve as Coach especially all those years in Div 1. I don't discard the possibility in near future of one day watching the world cup from somewhere in the world and watching India come into the scene and wondering if one of those players was actually in one of my div 1 or Div 2 coaching. What a privilege you gave me.
Coach Gio
I must say it has been a wonderful experience being a sponsor and I do intend to do the same again next season if you will have me :))
Team TePe has been so dedicated in the way they have done things From Sunaina the best manager in the league to the coaches who were forever positive in their approach. I do not think that there has been a single week where we have had less than 13 players turning up!! This is so refreshing after our experiences of the team Nikhil was in last year.
We shall be cheering our team with full voice this Sunday as we will be competing in the final.
Last but not least. Thank you all at DIFL for organizing such an excellent season. It takes a lot of dedication and time and sacrifice. Wow the kids love it and they get fit!!
Best personal regards
Thanks for organising an excellent football camp this year! Coaches were excellent, focused and professional. My son truely enjoyed it. So much better than last year!
Best Nathalie
Thought we'd tell you that we were very pleased with the coaching held for Div 1 and 2. It was well conducted and managed; rigorous as it should be. The coaches were pleasant, enthusiastic and nurturing.
Thanks, Rgds, DAVID AND RAYANA REBELLO parents of Didar and Kabir Rebello
Thank you for informing us about the team photo. And your very sweet and formal note. And sorry for not responding earlier. I was there for the photo which is the nicest momento one can have from DIFL. My walls are adorned with all the team photos and I am running out of space now. So paintings are being removed to make room for these beautiful team pictures. Thanks again for everything.
t is NOT a right of a parent to be part of DIFL, it is a privilege that comes with rules and regulations.
Alan Kehe
I am not joining the DIFL this year because we are leaving but I wish you all the best and I hope DIFL continues like this.
Alex von Hildebrand Elias
I have only wonderful memories of our family’s association with DIFL and would like to thank you, your family, and all the organizers for making the personal sacrifice to help our children grow into great little athletes through their participation in DIFL. What a fabulous league, what a wonderful experience. All the best in the upcoming season.
Peter Nesbitt
It is with great sadness that I ask you to remove my name from your e-mail list. We are in Tokyo now but I am sure that my daughter will be checking the league tables from afar once the season starts. Wishing you a great football year!
Miki Tromburg
Our elder one - Vishrut Rai Khatri has been a very proud participant with DIFL from Division I days (every year) & this year he would play in Division IV & our younger would play in Division I. My Wife Ritu has been an assistant Manager couple of times & in fact Vishrut (our elder son) awaits the DIFL every year, he is so particular that the vacations are also to be planned around DIFL dates. :-) We have been seeing DIFL growing every year & would be very happy to be associated with it.
Rajat Rai Khatri
Thank you again for that opportunity, it was a great experience, a very well organized institution!! I want to tell you that my son Felix Lengauer had a great time in Division 3 - and me too, we really, really loved it and he hopes so much that he can join again in 2010. I have recommended it already to our friends who arrived new in Delhi.
Barbara Lengauer
Thanks for all your organization. I know you are working hard to get the 2010 season kicked off. I am looking forward to coaching for my sixth year.
Jackie Gibbon
Dear Simran, Monica and the entire DIFL committee,
A big HIP HIP HOORAY to all of you for a great season, a big thank you to all of you for your 110% commitment. DIFL is getting better and better with each passing year, and we have enjoyed being a part of it for the last three years, and last but not the least- thank you for the gorgeous trophies for the children and the thoughtfully monogrammed pen stands/holders for all of us... looking forward to yet another exciting season.
Thanks and regards,
Manveen Kapoor, manager-Gelato -Vinto, div-4
It was truly a fabulous and very exciting day :)
A fantastic Competition, amazing sportsmanship, and a fun filled day! A BIG THANK YOU Vasu ....and a big thank you to the entire DIFL Team :) It has been a LOT of hard work on all your parts to organise the entire league and we really appreciate what you are doing. It has been a wonderful experience being part of DIFL...we love every minute of it and are very proud to be a part of DIFL ..
Warm regards
Nalini Kaul/ Team Premier Inn