Frequently Asked Questions

The Delhi International Football League was set up more than 33 years ago (around 1983). The purpose of DIFL is to organize football for boys and girls between the ages of 5 to 15 year olds in Delhi.
DIFL is an organization run solely by parent volunteers. It is a good and healthy mix of locals and internationals. Each year a Management Committee gets together comprising of people who served the year before and newly recruited members. This ensures knowledge transfer between the old and new members in line with the DIFL ethos. The Management Committee looks for a Commissioner, the person who heads it up for the year. Sometimes, the Commissioner carries on from one year to the next.
This year, Early Bird Registration were onWhat is the criterion for age in each division from May 1st -June 30th over the summer. This is followed by General Registrations which are currently live. We do encourage parents to sign up on their child's team as Managers or Coaches
DIFL makes an effort to put up posters in schools and communicate with the previous year's players via email. They also participate in the Delhi Network and the AES Mela to assist new comers to Delhi.
There is an on-line Registration Form on to the web-site. Click the link to get to know more details about the Registration when we go live.
The DIFL season spans between second week October 2016 and early February 2017. There may be opportunities for coaching or required skills assessments before the season kicks off -generally in September and October. As soon as we register the kids the dates are all loaded on the calendar.
The age groups of children registered in DIFL 2017-18 are as follows:
  • Division 1 - players need to be 5 yrs or 6 yrs on 1.1.2020 (Birth Date 1 Jan’13 to 31 Dec’14)
  • Division 2 - players need to be 7 yrs or 8 yrs or 9 yrs on 1.1.2020 (Birth Date 1 Jan’10 to 31 Dec’12)
  • Division 3 - players need to be 10 yrs or 11 yrs or 12 yrs on 1.1.2020 (Birth Date 1 Jan’07 to 31 Dec’09)
  • Division 4 - players need to be 13 yrs or 14 yrs or 15 yrs on 1.1.2020 (Birth Date 1 Jan’04 to 31 Dec’06)
No. Each parent must sign a waiver acknowledging that, DIFL will not be held responsible for any injury to the child. You may want to take out your own insurance, or perhaps speak to your insurance company or employer to see if you are already covered under an existing policy.
DIFL provides all registered players with a team kit that includes jersey, shorts and socks. These items as well as the closing ceremony provisions are covered by your registration fee. Parents must provide the player's soccer cleats and soccer shin guards (see below). Soccer balls, pumps, first aid kits, cones, bibs and other coaching accessories are provided for the teams' use during the season, but remain DIFL property.
All players must wear soccer cleats and shin guards (though sports shoes are ok for Division 1). Any soccer cleats worn must have non-metal studs. Players should also carry water bottles with them to all practices and matches. In winter, some players prefer to wear long-sleeved shirts underneath their jerseys. This is fine as it can get quite cold, especially for early morning matches. We also recommend players wear sunscreen.
Most teams generate a snacks roster and ask parents to sign up to bring juice and a healthy snack for the players (and siblings) for one match during the season. Some teams opt to do this for practice days as well. Please work with your team's manager to determine the schedule for your team. Please also make sure your team manager is aware of any food allergies your children may have.
Each year DIFL registers around 800 plus kids. We divide them by age into 5 Divisions. Each Division has 8 teams. Kids play over a 14-weeks season, which kicks off in October second week this year. They may play on a variety of pitches across Delhi. You'll be informed of the Pitch location once the teams are sorted out and the pitches booked for the season.
Please check our Pitch Locations page for information on the location of the pitches and directions.
DIFL season matches take place on Saturdays. The matches are spread across time slots between 9:00am - 4:00 pm throughout the season such that all teams have some morning, some mid-day, and some afternoon matches. For Division 1, we try to ensure their matches are between 9:00 am and noon. Parents will receive notification of the specific match schedules once the team formation is complete.
Divisions 1-6 have mandatory practice for two hours one day per week which is a fixed day assigned teamwise . This is to ensure time for coaching and learning to play together as a team. The practices are scheduled on the same pitch as the matches and they take place after school. DIFL has the two practice session from 4-6 p.m. from Monday to Friday. Parents will be informed of their team's practice day and time slot once the team formation is complete.
The players are evenly distributed into teams after taking into consideration skills, age, gender, height, school spread. Teams once assigned will not be changed. We cannot predict which practice timing you will get. Once the practice timings and day have been allotted, it is not possible to make any changes. If parents have prior information about kids not being able to make a certain date/time due to school closing late, they should e-mail to Please do not let us know about overlaps with other after school activities/tuitions as we can not accommodate all requests.
We have an ethos of participation and fun and we have never been a ‘win at all costs' organization. It's not terribly competitive for the younger ones. It starts getting more competitive in Divisions 4 and higher. We've got a clear set of rules that govern parents' and kids' responsibilities. Look at Code of Conduct and Disciplinary Procedures and look under Rules on our website.
No, it doesn't matter, especially in the younger divisions. All are accepted regardless of ability. We match different skills levels across teams so that one team isn't (or shouldn't be) much stronger (or weaker) than others. Coaches should play every child: nobody should be left on the sidelines for the majority of any match. If you find this is a problem you should speak to your Divisional Coordinator.
We very much want to mix kids up. We don't want a team representing a particular school, for example. We aim for a good mix of kids from a range of schools. We want them to meet and make friends with children from other countries and nationalities. That said, we ensure that everyone has at least someone from the same school in his or her team, and we will try to help when we are convinced it's imperative that two particular children play together. We do let you make requests at the time of registration but the final decision is the coordinators'.
The season covers fourteen Saturdays from mid October to February. There's mid-week training which is compulsory. We know that not every child can make every match but it's important to get to as many as you can. We encourage teamwork and a sense of responsibility towards one another. Nobody wants to let the team down - we encourage this type of attitude. We insist that no child misses practice or matches without a true emergency situation. Missing two matches in a row without legitimate reason and prior information will jeopardize your child's participation in DIFL.
We'd like you to get involved too. We really need you to help. DIFL depends on parents. Parents are needed as sponsors, as coaches, as managers, to help out with snacks and events, and as organizers of the award ceremony. When you sign your child up you commit to help out. If you commit to helping out and then change your mind, you and your children stand to lose their participation.
Each Division has at least one Coordinator. Together they take all the registration for their Divisional age group. Each child is then assessed for the skills level (except Div 1). When that's done, we put the children into teams, trying to balance the teams across a variety of factors, including age, schools, height, skills, and so on. Our goal is to distribute the players evenly across teams such that all teams are balanced at the start of the season.
DIFL Committee spends a lot of time making teams and ensuring the teams are balanced as per the skills in that particular division. In line with DIFL ethos, this request cannot be entertained.
DIFL Committee spends a lot of time making teams and ensuring the teams are balanced as per the skills in that particular division. In line with DIFL ethos, this request cannot be entertained.
The subscription fee is Rs. 8,000/- which includes the player's team kit. It might change from year to year. We also get sponsors each year. This helps pay for the extras. You may pay by cash, cheque, or Online via Cr/Db cards.  The fees once paid will not be refunded due to cancellations or any other event which prevents you from joining /continuing in DIFL.