Job Description for Managers


DIFL 2018-19 : Job Description of a Team Manager

As a DIFL team manager, your main responsibilities are to manage your team, be there for your team and manage the coaches and parents. You are the communication link for your team and team sponsor as well as for the Divisional Coordinator. You are responsible for your team's well being and attendance. You are in charge.

As Team Manager you are to:

  • Ensure your team has a Coach and an Assistant Coach, and that they know and understand the DIFL philosophy as well as their responsibilities and see them through.
  • Get to know your Division Coordinator(s). You should be in touch if you have any questions or concerns.
  • Get to know your Team’s Sponsor(s). Speak to them or communicate by email. Welcome them, introduce them to the Coaches, encourage them to attend and acknowledge their participation.  Make sure they are invited and encouraged to be in the Team Photo and to participate in the end of season ceremony.
  • Get to know your Coaches and reach out to other parents on the team who can assist the Coaches where needed throughout the season—to ensure that the players train well, get to know one another and gel as a group.
  • Make sure the Head Coach and Coach show up for training and for the matches.  Motivate them too, if necessary.
  • Make sure the Head Coach and Coach keep the Kit Bag available at all occasions.
  • Work out a rotation with the parents for bringing refreshments on match days. Always be prepared in case the snack parent fails to comply.
  • Involve parents as much as possible. Cheer for the team. Keep them motivated.
  • Assign responsibilities to various parents, e.g., snack reminders, photography, ice for first aid kit ice bag, Kit Competition, etc.
  • Ensure that every member of the team knows the practice and match schedules, venues and kick off times. Send regular and timely reminders. Use all modes of communication at your disposal – email, text, calls, etc.
  • Communicate all important dates in a timely fashion to parents, Coaches and sponsors—for team photo day, Cup Competition, Kit Competition, end of season party and so on.
  • Report the scores to the coordinator immediately after each match.
  • Make sure that you have the first aid kit with you—DIFL provides it in the Kit Bag—and that there is new ice for every practice and match in case of injuries.
  • Communicate with the Head Coach and Coach for any updates to the player attendance at practices/matches.
  • Come to the matches and practices. If you are unable to attend, please assign a parent to fill in for you.
  • Forge a positive team spirit!