Job Description for Coaches


DIFL 2018-19 Job Description of a DIFL Coach

Coaches form an integral part of the DIFL team.  As a DIFL Coach, you will be required to be present every Saturday with your team during their games. You are also expected to devote one hour per week (a fixed time will be assigned) for practice sessions with your team.  Coaches work together as a unit and work out in advance the division of responsibilities.

Breakdown the job responsibilities of the Coach:

  • Pre-game:  Warm ups, encouragements, game plan
  • Team:  fair game play, manage substitutions to ensure equal play for all, team play
  • Half-time:  encouragement, rejuvenate, corrections
  • Post-game:  Celebrate / reflections – end always with a high team spirit
  • Regular practice:  Focus on developing football skills, learning the rules of the game and developing a love of the game in every child on your team.

The Team Manager and Coach work together OFF and ON the field to maximize output during all team time. Coaches can influence playing habits, learning with fun, well-planned practice sessions and a thoughtful Game Plan. 

  • Coaches are responsible for:
  • Individual and team fitness as well as skills to perform better
  • Practice sessions, games, players, and evaluations
  • Learning and sharing amongst players, coaches and others in the League
  • Respecting officials and good conduct of the team
  • Being open-minded, good listeners and helping the team to bond together
  • Developing a team spirit and having fun playing football together
  • Application of feedback in a real game situation

Please remember that sometimes parents need to be “coached” as well—especially to realize that players build their own impressions based on what they hear from coaches and parents.  Therefore, it’s best to keep any discussions about concerns/issues to a private area that will not be overheard by players.  It is also of utmost importance always to use a positive messaging strategy when talking with players. 

Example:  how to help a player learn how to become a strong striker: 

“Wow, you are a star defender!  You have really learned to be at the right place and put up a strong defensive block.  Let’s focus on your striking this week.  We need to make sure you are aggressively following the ball and you’re ready to kick either to your teammate or into the goal.”