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Coaching Code of Conduct

DIFL has had a series of successsful seasons and on the whole a vast majority of children, coaches, managers, and parents had a great experience.  Unfortunately, once in a while we did have had some instances of coaches behaving badly.  We'd like to take this opportunity to remind all coaches that is their job to set a good example to the children and adhere to the coaching code of conduct. Some simple rules to follow:

Always respect the match officials. Their decision is final. Remember even the top refrees don't always get it right. The DIFL refrees are no different but they are doing their best and they do not favour one team over another.  If a decision goes against your team then accept it without argument and get on with the game.  In the end these things tend to even out, over the course of a season.

Do not scream and shout at the children. They are not all going to be as skillful as Ronaldo and screaming and shouting at them isn't going to make them play any better, all it will do is put them off football and make you look bad!  You should always try to encourage the children and if they don't get it right the first half a dozen times encourage them again, and if they still get it wrong, encourage them some more.  Remember, they're not professionals, they're children playing for fun!

Do not leave the weaker children warming the bench. Remember winning isn't everything.  DIFL is a mixed ability league.  Everyone must play and not for a token 5 minutes either.  In Division 1 each child should play for at least 20 minutes each game; in Divisions 2 for a minimum of 25 minutes; in Divisions 3 and 4 for at least 30 minutes and in Division 5 children should be playing for a minimum of 35 minutes every week!

Do not leave girls out of your team or always replace one girl for another.  Girls have every right to be treated the same as the boys.  Don't discriminate against them!

Always show good sportsmanship towards your opponents before, during and after the game.  The children take their cue from you, so make sure that you set the best possible example.  Win and lose gracefully and always shake hands with the opposing team at the end of the game.  Even if you think decisions went against your team, take the moral high ground and do the right thing!

Focus on your own team and not on your opponents.  Make sure your team is behaving well and let others worry about your opponents.  If you feel there is an issue that should be addressed, talk to your divisional coordinator, calmly, after the match.  Under no circumstances do you shout at anyone in front of the children.

Treat others, as you would like to be treated and most importantly treat other people’s children, as you would like your own children to be treated, i.e., with respect.  We hope this is self-explanatory.

We know that a majority of coaches don't need reminding about how to behave but, sadly, there are a few who do.  We take all complaints that we receive from parents and match officials very seriously. If a coach or manager is found to be breaking the code of conduct, they will be asked to step down and will not be allowed to coach or manage a team in subsequent seasons. In extreme cases, DIFL reserves the right to ban parents from attending matches.

Let's make sure that things are kept in perspective and as a result everyone has a positive experience.

Good luck for the rest of the 2018-19  season!

DIFL Committee